Digital Blitz is a full service digital marketing agency based in Boston with affiliates in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Traverse City, and Scottsdale. Our team members and affiliates have a combined 12 years of digital marketing experience and are lucky enough to service a number of world class companies including some Fortune 500 corporations.

Facebook Ads are our bread and butter. We specialize in managing all aspects of your brand’s Facebook Ad campaigns in the most profitable way possible. We coordinate all of your digital marketing strategies to align with and boost your brand’s primary objective whether it’s growing your online presence, generating more sales, or both! We execute this through various departments of marketing such as design, website development, content creation, social media management, paid advertising, SEO, GMB and SEM. We provide a holistic marketing strategy that will enable you to work on your business rather than in your business.

Whether your business is generating 20k/month or 100k/month, having a strategy for more sales is extremely critical when scaling and growing your business.

If you want your name and brand to be present and accessible across multiple channels simultaneously, whether through organic or paid search, through email marketing or different social media platforms, we’re here for you.

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