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Hey, this is Alex Rivera. 

This will be DIFFERENT than other "strategy sessions" you may of taken online.


1. You will not be talking to a sales person. You will actually be speaking with me.

2. I don't sell any type of coaching/consulting so I'm not afraid to reveal any of my "secret methods"

3. I will actually diagnose exactly what you need to do on this call and bring all my experience to your business. You WILL get thousands of dollars of value on this call...

Which is exactly why I need you to understand this

1. Filling out an app will not guarantee I talk with you. My agency's client capacity often fills up very quickly so I only do a few calls a week and I only speak with people that I have no doubt we can help.

I will reach out to you via TEXT MESSAGE and email if you are one of those people.

2. I usually only talk with businesses doing at least $15k a month in profit because those are the businesses that we generate the best results for.

If you are brand new to business or do not have a business doing at least $15k a month profit PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A CALL AND TAKE UP A SLOT.

This is a very high level call and meant for experienced business owners only.

Finally...If you do not show up for your booked call or respond to my text you will NOT get a chance to reschedule.

I look forward to talking to you.

- Alex
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