10 years ago this article topic wouldn’t be relevant to anyone. Times have changed and it’s obvious. With 80% of home buyers searching for homes online, it’s crucial for you as a realtor to have your business visible to those buyers at all times.

Look at your online presence as market share. The market being the audience of present/future buyers and sellers who are online and the share aspect being how many of those buyers and sellers you reach or influence compared to your competition. 91% of realtors use social media marketing as a tool. If you’re not utilizing social media you’re already losing digital market share to your competitors.

If done correctly and consistently, digital marketing will amplify your online presence to the point of generating new leads and sales at will. Here are 5 ways to take advantage of digital marketing to generate more business as a realtor.

1. Develop an Email Campaign


An email drip campaign is one of the best ways to stay in contact with all of your leads whether they’re warm or cold. This helps you stay top of mind for potential business. If your email campaign is set up correctly, you’ll funnel these potential clients through email sequences based on their actions and previous engagements with you.

As a realtor you’re most likely going to take advantage of the 4 main sequences. Nurture sequence, Engagement sequence, Event sequence, and Follow up sequence.

  1. Nurture Sequence – This is where you introduce yourself to new leads and try to build a more familiar connection with them.
  2. Engagement Sequence – Engagement sequences help build a deeper relationship with the subscriber once they’ve already received the nurture emails. This sequence will help encourage these subscribers to take small actions that will prime them to give you business in the future.
  3. Event Sequence – If you’re hosting an event, your top priority is attendance. This sequence encourages subscribers to attend that event you’re hosting. Whether it’s an open house, client appreciation event, or first time home buying seminar, this email sequence will be one of the most powerful tools you can use to generate the attendance you want.
  4. Follow Up Sequence – Following up is one of the most important aspects in the real estate business. Staying in touch with a lead after you’ve already engaged with them whether it was over the phone or in person is essential.

The average open rate of emails in the real estate industry is about 27% but the key is using intriguing subject titles and making sure your emails consist of relevant content that will keep your subscribers interested in what your next email says. Tools such as MailChimp and HubSpot are great for running email drip campaigns.

2. Create A Stunning Website


A website that’s beautifully designed and easy for the user to navigate through is important to have. If your website looks amazing but is difficult to look through or takes too long to load, visitors will leave. Just think about the last time you left a website out of frustration with the pages not loading fast enough.

Typically a realtor’s website consists of many links, photos, and other integrations causing the website speed to take a hit. Unless you have extensive web development knowledge and experience, the only way around this is to hire a professional web developer and designer. Doing so will ensure a seamless and smooth experience for the user at all times no matter if they’re viewing through mobile or desktop.

What type of content and information should you include on your website?

  • Listings – actives, under agreements, and solds
  • Contact Information – should be visible as soon as a user lands on your website
  • Content – information that helps users understand home buying or selling
  • Communities You Serve – establish yourself as the expert of these neighborhoods or communities by listing all of them and offering a little information on each.
  • Social Proof – display any testimonials or press features you’ve earned and give your business more credibility
  • Social Media Links – sending users to your social media pages will help them get more familiar with you and your business.

3. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing


With over 63,000 searches every second, why wouldn’t you take advantage of Google? There are other ways to utilize Google such as SEO and PPC Ads but Google My Business produces results the quickest and it’s FREE!

If you optimize your GMB listing to rank for all related keywords in your market, you’ll receive inbound leads at will. For example, “Boston Real Estate” and “Realtor Boston” combine for a total of 6,280 searches a month. Just think about how many calls or emails you would end up receiving if your name was at the top of the results for those keywords. To learn how to create and optimize your Google My Business listing check out The Ultimate Google My Business Guide.

4. Focus On A Social Media Marketing Strategy


Just about every realtor has their real estate social media pages set up but only post maybe once a month or once a week at most. What’s the ROI of one Instagram post or one Facebook post a week? – zero. The magic happens when you create a social media marketing plan and post content consistently. Posting consistently means you’re consistently reaching your audience, keeping you top-of-mind.

Here are some great content ideas for your social media pages:

  • Listings – new, solds, and price drops
  • Events – this includes events you hosted and events you attended
  • Testimonials/Success Stories – display your success and give your business more credibility
  • Lifestyle – posting insight into your daily life gives your profile some character which will separate you from other realtor accounts.

It can be difficult to create content and post regularly across all of your social media channels. But there are tools such as BufferHootsuite, and Later that will help make developing and scheduling content much easier for you.

5. Utilize Facebook Ads


There are three primary goals that Facebook Ads typically help realtors achieve. This includes Audience Building, Listing Awareness/Marketing, and Lead Generation.

  1. Audience Building – You can certainly accomplish audience/follower growth organically. Spending the extra money on ads to expedite and amplify it is well worth it, if done correctly. The bigger your audience, the greater your digital market share is.
  2. Listing Awareness – Listing awareness can come from boosts or dark ads. Boosting listing posts will give the posts more reach and allow more users to see it. Running dark ads is similar to boosting posts but the differences are that these ads don’t appear on your profile and you’re able to target specific buyer pools a lot better.
  3. Lead Generation – Lead generation ad campaigns typically offer some type of value or information in exchange for the contact information of the user/lead. The success of these ads and quality of the leads vary depending on the lead magnet, ad copy, targeting, and optimization of the ads. You shouldn’t be paying more than $5 per lead.

Facebook ads are a great tool to amplify your business and reach your business goals at a quicker pace if you have the money to put into the ad spend. Typically, the suggested monthly ad spend range is $250-$500.


As a realtor in today’s world of digital dependency, it’s essential for you to take advantage of digital marketing. By choosing to invest your time in to learning digital marketing or your money into an agency that will handle it for you, you can ensure that you have the strategy and implementation necessary to stand out from your competition.