When it comes to making the most of Instagram to gain more likes or followers, there are lots of little Instagram tips to help you out. However, what if you already have the followers and they just aren’t buying? How do you increase engagement levels and convert those likes and followers into customers or clients? I put together the six best Instagram tips for mastering social media and increasing engagement levels on your account!

So, without further ado, let’s delve in for a closer look at the hottest tips on how to become an Instagram Influencer of importance – and engage with your followers!

Insta Tip 1: Engage with Other Accounts – Every Day!

I don’t just mean interacting with any old account (although every contact is a plus), I mean networking with people in a similar business or industry as you daily. If you’re a realtor, look for other realtors to engage with. If you’re a fitness coach, look for other fitness coaches to engage with. The easiest way to find other accounts and people in your industry is by using the search bar. Try to make one new industry-based contact a day.

Connecting with people who do a similar thing as you allows your network of connections to expand. You see things they see, can follow their favorites and can get the same hot tips they get. Social media, in itself, allows us to share ideas, communicate via a virtual network, and keep in touch with those we might never meet in real life. All of this is expanding the reach of your firm.

If you want more information on why networking with those in your industry is vital to increasing Instagram engagement, then you can have a look at this helpful article, from Investopedia.

Insta Tip 2: Select Your Hashtags Strategically!

Hashtags are your way to communicate what your post is about – but it is also a way to attract new followers and boost engagement. The more specific you can be with your hashtags, and the longer you can make them, the more likely they are to be seen and followed. It’s also important to note that you should be using the more popular hashtags as well – it’s best to mix both together with the ratio of more general hashtags to more detailed hashtags being 80:20.

Hashtags effectively increase the reach of your post in a way that reflects in your Instagram engagement rates. More people will see what you have to offer, more people will like what you have to offer, and they will open you up to a whole new audience.

Iconosquare has an excellent section on how to improve your hashtag strategy.

Insta Tip 3: Write Longer Captions!

According to Later, one of the ways that Instagram measures the success (or failure) of your post is by measuring how long people spend looking at it. Ergo: the obvious way to make people spend longer on your post is by filling that caption box up to its 2,200-character limit, giving you plenty of time to enhance the length of those hashtags while you are there.

Writing more extended captions is one of the best Instagram tips anyone can give you. Pose questions to your audience and encourage them to respond or tell an intriguing story behind your post. Use your Instagram engagement to spur you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. All of these things can increase engagement across all of your social media sites.

Insta Tip 4: Engage with content directly before and after you post

You should attempt to get as much engagement on your post as soon as you publish it. A lot of engagement within the first hour or two of posting tells the Instagram algorithm that your post is something that is likely to be interesting to a lot of your followers, causing the post to appear higher up in more of your followers feeds.

How do you go about acquiring this level of engagement in such a short amount of time?

Like and comment on other posts before and after you share a new photo or video!

This will increase the chance of Instagram users visiting your profile which leads to them engaging with your most recent post, prompting a boost in that post’s visibility. Your comments and likes will stay where they are and should continue to draw users to your account even well after you’ve left them.

Insta Tip 5: Strategically Schedule Posts

Most sources say that posting once a day (at least) is the most critical Instagram tip. I disagree. Although a great starting place, analyzing and writing posting times into your schedule can turn posting once a day from a good starting point into Instagram engagement success.

The best posting times will vary from account to account – industry to industry.

Here’s how you analyze the best time to post on your business account:

1.) Click on Insights, located at the top of your profile page

2.) Click on Audience

3.) Scroll to the bottom and navigate through each day’s insights

Scheduling posts also allows you to plan. If you can schedule your posts a few days in advance, it will give you more time to tell engaging stories through your posts. In social media, communication is key; and regular, interesting posts made at the right time of day can make all the difference to your brand’s recognition.

Insta Tip 6: Optimize Your Story!

Instagram stories work in much the same way as creating a Snapchat. You can then post the story to your timeline. Make sure to explore Instagram’s story tools to bring more views and engagement to your story. Some of these tools include hash tagging, location tagging, mentioning other accounts, and using polls or questions to directly invite your audience to engage with you.

In addition to being visible on Instagram, stories can automatically connect to both Facebook and Facebook Messenger, meaning you are saving yourself a whole lot of time, as well as generating new ways for your clients to follow your story, and engage with your brand, not to mention increasing engagement to your benefit!

If you need a walkthrough on how to start building your Instagram Stories better then see this article, from Cnet.

Bonus Tip: Add More Video Posts!

According to Sprout Social, video posts receive 38% more engagement than image posts and 2.1x the amount of comments! Videos are naturally more intriguing to people so be sure to take advantage of this and start recording!

Final Thoughts

With a whopping 64% of the 18-29 year old demographic frequently using Instagram to get their news, keep in contact with friends, and share their stories. Missing out on increasing your Instagram influence is a marketing mistake your business or brand shouldn’t be making!